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Texts - Commentary: N. Moutsopoulos, Milt. D. Polyviou

Εdition 2009, 192 pages, hardcover, dimensions 28,8 X 28,5, ISBN: 978-960-87946-7-2, price: out of stock


Panagiotis L. Vokotopoulos

edition 2008, 180 pages, softcover, dimensions 27 x 23, ISBN: 978-960-87150-9-7, out of stock

Edition 2006, 228 pages, softcover, dimensions 23 x 29, ISBN: 960-87150-6-7, price 50,00 euros

Joint publishing with the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography and HCO Rich album of the photographic travelogue of Fred Boissonnas in Mount Athos.




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