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Texts - Commentary: N. Moutsopoulos, Milt. D. Polyviou

Εdition 2009, 192 pages, hardcover, dimensions 28,8 X 28,5, ISBN: 978-960-87946-7-2, price: 25,00 euros


Publication of Photography Museum "Christos Kalemkeris" Municipality of Kalamaria in cooperation with Mount Athos Center

The publication of Photography Museum of Kalamaria "CHRISTOS KALEMKERIS" is part of the firm policy of Mount Athos Center to collaborate with city institutes.  The result of this colaboration is the album in which Giorgos Mousikidis, photographer with public recognition from the academic world, architects and archaeologists, reflects on paper his own look οφ Mount Athos, the monasteries, the Athonite environment and everyday life.






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