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The Mount Athos Center 

The “Mount Athos Center” is an urban-non-profit organization, founded in 2000 by the Municipality of Thessaloniki in collaboration with the Holy Community of Mount Athos. The Center essentially forms the institutional continuation and the natural “evolution” of the monumental exhibition “Treasures of Mount Athos”, held in 1997, within the framework and under the auspices of “Thessaloniki: Cultural Capital of Europe”.

The Center is located in the heart of the city, at the historic Nedelkos Mansion, on 109 Egnatia Street, a building which was donated by the City of Thessaloniki for the Center's activities.

The Mount Athos Center is run by a governing body of Board of Directors, consisting of seven members presided over by the Mayor of Thessaloniki (ex officio).  The council includes an honorary president, the current Overseer of Mount Athos, three members who are appointed by the Council of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, and three members who are representatives from the Holy Community of Mount Athos.  The position of First Vice President is held by one of the council members from the Holy Mountain.  


The Aims of the Mount Athos Center 

as they are described in its charter, are the following:

  1. The utilization and proper management of the preserved building of the former Nedelko Clinic, property of the Municipality of Thessaloniki located on 109 Egnatia Street, where the exhibits of religious-worship and artistic value are to be housed, along with articles that comprise the functional continuation of the Exhibition “Treasures of Mount Athos.”
  2. The organization and function of exhibits, which will display the long monastic tradition of Mount Athos, the role, of Orthodox Monasticism in general, its historical and cultural path,  the great spiritual and cultural heritage and the contemporary mission of Mount Athos.
  3. The organization of a library with all the publication the possible, Greek and foreign publications, pertaining to Mount Athos, Orthodox Monasticism, and Byzantine Culture.
  4. The organization of conferences, talks, symposia and other such events which will support and demonstrate the aims of the Mount Athos Center.
  5. The publication of scientific studies, monographs, catalogues, reprints etc. from the libraries of the Holy Monasteries and other Athonite establishments, the events of the Mount Athos Center or the on-sight collaborations and requested studies.







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