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The Mount Athos Center is run by a governing body of Board of Directors, consisting of seven members presided over by the Mayor of Thessaloniki (ex officio).  The council has an honorary president, the current Overseer of Mount Athos, three members who are appointed by the Council of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and three members who are representatives from the Holy Community of Mount Athos.  The position of vice president is held by one of the council members from the Holy Mountain.  In the event of the absence of the president, he is represented by one of the appointed members from the city council of Thessaloniki.

The Board of Directors has the responsibility of governing the organization;- planning its programs, projects, and events,- and maintaining correspondence and relations with Mount Athos and the entirety of its institutions and organizations in Greece and abroad.


The composition of the current Board of Directors for the five-year period 2024-2028 is as follows:

President: Stylianos Angeloudis, Mayor of Thessaloniki

First Vice President: the Very Reverend Elder Ieronymos, Hieromonk of Simonopetra

Second Vice President / Deputy President of the Board of Directors: Vasileios Gakis, Deputy Mayor of Culture, Tourism Development & Intermunicipal Cooperation of the Municipality of Thessaloniki

Ordinary Members:

  • The Very Reverend Elder Efthymios, Monk of Zographou
  • The Very Reverend Elder Chariton, Hieromonk of Docheiariou
  • Panagiotis Avramopoulos, Advisor to the Mayor of Thessaloniki
  • Nikolaos Makrantonakis, former Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Thessaloniki

Alternate Members:
  • Hieromonk Paul Xeropotaminos
  • Hieromonk Joseph Karakallinos
  • Monk Nikephoros Philotheitis
  • Efthymios Hatzitheoklitos, Deputy Mayor of Social Policy, Solidarity and Welfare of the Municipality of Thessaloniki
  • Panagiotis Tamvakis, councillor of 1st Municipal District of the Municipality of Thessaloniki
  • Nikolaos Zisis, former district councillor of the Municipality of Thessaloniki

The Staff of the Mount Athos Center

Anastasios Ntouros, Director

Maria Gianelou, Head of Finance & Administration

Evangelos Tsikouras, Head of the Bookstore

Christos Dokalis, Publicity department of Mount Athos Center

Zoi Gounari, Administrative support

Ioanis Liapis, Administrative support

Kyriaki Athanasiadou, Bookstore clerk

George Beloubasis, Bookstore clerk

Katerina Paradisi, Cleaning services 


Anna Tanaskou, Accountant (tax consultancy-accounting firm "I.DOVELOS CONSULTING-FOROTECHNIKI IK")

Sophia Pitsiounis, Legal Advisor 

Andrew Hendry Translations

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