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The theme ‘Mount Athos: Spreading the Light in the Orthodox World: the Metochia’ was the focus of the third conference on the special thematic cycle. Through the centuries, the Athonite metochia have played a decisive role in the survival and development of the monasteries since the geological morphology of the Athonite peninsula has not provided sufficient resources for the survival of the sacred foundations.  

The conference attempted an holistic approach to the phenomenon: the study of the Athonite metochia as a monastic financial institution that evolved through time, as a factor in the social and economic development of the local societies in which they existed and as a means of disseminating the Athonite monastic experience. The conference papers dealt with the following themes: the presence of the metochia in the various state entities that existed from the time of the Byzantine Empire up to the era of the modern Greek state; the relationship between the metochia and the local societies in which they existed; the legal status of the metochia through the course of time; their environments and buildings, and their spiritual osmosis with the world.           


Date: 21-23 November 2014
Venue: Conference Hall of the Thessaloniki Central Municipal Library 
Conference programme: click here

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Text of the Scientific Committee: click here   
Organisation of Conference
Director/Co-ordinator: Demetrios Salpistis, Special Advisor, Mount Athos Center
Supervisor: Anastasios Douros, Head of Administrative and Financial Services
Secretarial support: Maria Giannelou
Technical support: Costas Tachtsidis
Parallel events
Tim Vyner: An Experience of Life on Mount Athos
Entypa Proskynetaria Hagiou Orous
(Printed Pilgrim’s Guides to Mount Athos) (phototype edition)
Tim Vyner: Mia empeiria zoes sto Hagion Oros
(Tim Vyner: An Experience of Life on Mount Athos) (exhibition catalogue)
He hexaktinose tou Hagiou Orous ston Orthodoxo kosmo (Praktika tou TH Epistemonikou Synedriou
(Mount Athos: Spreading the Light in the Orthodox World: The Metochia: Proceedings of the 9th Scientific Conference) 

From 2011 to 2015 the annual scientific conferences of the Mount Athos Center and their parallel events (exhibitions and publications) were included in, and funded by, the European Programme ‘National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2013’ under the general title ‘The Great Spiritual and Cultural Legacy of Mount Athos’.







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