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Mount Athos Center, following the successful hosting of the First International Scientific Workshop and its warm welcome by the scientific community, decided to continue with this new form of promotion and presentation of the scientific and research work being undertaken at Mount Athos, by organising the Second International Scientific Workshop in 2017.

As has already been underlined in the circular announcement of the First Workshop, the aim of the international workshops is to promote original final results and combined reports of scientific research, while presenting the questions and initial results of new individual research, as well as of collective research programmes that are underway.

This way we enable scientific community members to publish the results of their research and to make known the initial stages or projects in progress based on their  individual or collective research activities, while at the same time presenting the initial (not necessarily final) research results. The main goal of the International Scientific Workshops is to develop a real, inspiring dialogue, which will enrich and broaden the issues raised by the research, thus contributing to a more robust conclusion. It is self-evident that the subject matter of the lectures and/or presentations will directly concern Mount Athos (i.e. history, art, theology, justice, institutions, literature, archaeology, history of art, architecture, the environment, other visual arts, conservation of works of art, etc.).

The Second International Scientific Workshop will be held on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 of December 2017 in Thessaloniki.

Mount Athos Center takes this opportunity to inform you that prior to the Workshop, on Friday 8 December 2017, an independently organised event, a Scientific Meeting dedicated to the Holy Church of Protaton in Karyes will be held. The meeting aims at a multifaceted re-examination of the holy monument and at presenting new data and questions that have come to light, after the completion of the conservation works on its mural frescoes.

Each lecture of the Scientific Workshop shall last 20 minutes and immediately following the presentation there will be a 10-minute discussion on what was presented. The total number of lectures to be included in the Programme will not exceed 15.

The titles of the lecture proposed must be accompanied by a 300 to 600-word summary. During the selection of the lectures to be included in the final programme, the thematic scope of the proposals and the processing and presentation of original material will be taken into account, along with other factors. Individual or group proposals by young scientists will be given special consideration.

Regarding organising and realising the works of the Second International Scientific Workshop, the Board of Directors of Mount Athos Center, in their relevant decision, set up the Scientific-Organising Committee of the Second Scientific Workshop, which is composed of the following members:


Kriton Chrysochoidis, Director Emeritus of the Institute of Historical Research of the National Research Foundation, as Chairman


Hieromonk Nicodemos Lavriotis

Archimandrite Methodios, Hegoumen of Chilandari Monastery

Elder Symeon Dionysiates

Ioannis Kanonides, Head of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Halkidiki and Mount Athos

Symeon Paschalides, Professor at the Faculty of Theology, A.U.Th.

Athanasios Semoglou, Professor of Byzantine Archaeology & Art / Dept. of History and Archaeology, A.U.Th.

Stefanos Diamantes, Forester – Phytopathologist. Regular Researcher of the Forest Research Institute

Ploutarchos Theocharides, Architect

Phaedon Chatziantoniou, Architect - Restorer




Abstracts of prospective speakers




With the kind support of the Museum of Byzantine Culture


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