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Thessaloniki, 8 - 10 December 2023

This year, for the seventh time, the Mount Athos Center is once again organizing its International Scientific Workshop, an institution that was initiated in 2016 and has now become well established as an annual international scientific meeting for researchers and scholars concerned with the history and institutions of the Athonite republic.
The aim of the Center’s Workshops is to foster a fruitful scientific dialogue that will enrich our knowledge of Athonite monasticism and broaden the field of inquiry in research on Mount Athos. Through the presentation of individual or collective papers, the Scientific Workshops give members of the scientific community an opportunity to publicize the results of their research, or to make known the preliminary findings of ongoing research projects or scientific programmes, thereby helping to produce even better results.           

to Mount Athos (e.g. history, art, theology, law, institutions, literature, archaeology, history of art, architecture, other visual arts, the natural environment, conservation of the built environment and art works etc.).
At the Workshop a maximum of 25 papers will be presented, each lasting up to 20 minutes. Immediately after the end of each presentation there will be a 10-minute period for general discussion of the paper just presented.  
All those wishing to present a paper at this year’s Seventh International Scientific Workshop should complete the attached entry form, which must be accompanied by an abstract (300-600 words) of the content of the proposed paper.
Any entry form that is not accompanied by an abstract will not be considered for selection by the Scientific Committee.
In addition, candidate speakers should bear in mind that by the end of May next year they will have to submit the complete text of their paper for publication in the Workshop’s Proceedings, for which they will receive specific instructions.              
The final submission date for entry forms is 31 July 2023.       

In its selection of papers for inclusion in the final programme of the Workshop, the Scientific Committee will take into consideration, amongst other things, the thematic representativeness and scope of the proposed topic, the use and presentation of original material, and the presentation of new research programmes. Special consideration will be given to individual or group proposals by young researchers.        

The Board of Directors of the Mount Athos Center has, by virtue of a relevant decision, set up a Scientific Organizing Committee to organize and conduct the Seventh International Scientific Workshop. The Committee is composed as follows:
Kriton Chryssochoidis, Honorary Director of Research, Institute of Historical Research, Hellenic National Research Foundation
  • Elder Symeon Dionysiatis
  • Elder Philotheos, hieromonk of Koutloumousiou Monastery
  • Elder Theophilos, hieromonk of Pantokrator Monastery
  • Symeon Paschalidis, Professor, Faculty of Theology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; Director, Patriarchal Institute of Patristic Studies
  • Athanasios Semoglou, Professor of Byzantine Archaeology, School of History & Archaeology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Stephanos Diamantis, Forester-Phytopathologist, Regular researcher
  • Ploutarchos Theocharidis, Architect
  • Phaidon Hadjiantoniou, Architect-Restorer
  • Nikolaos Mertzimekis, Dr. Archaeologist, Ephorate of Antiquities of Chalkidiki and Mount Athos
  • Dimitrios Liakos, Dr. Archaeologist, Ephorate of Antiquities of Chalkidiki and Mount Athos

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