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Archimandrite Basil Iveritis
Date of publication: 2021; 113 pages; dimensions: 25 x 19 cm.; 
ISBN: 978-618-82272-4-8; price: 15.00 euros. 

The catalogue of the group exhibition entitled ‘Neomartyrs: the Road to Freedom’.

The exhibition was presented in the exhibition space of the Mount Athos Center between June and September 2021. The exhibition displayed a series of contemporary works by 26 different artists in a variety of different media and forms, such as watercolour, egg tempera, engravings and digital painting. The works were especially produced for this exhibition with the aim of presenting to the general public a number of little-known saints who suffered martyrdom during the period of Turkish rule, a time when changing one’s religion almost always meant changing one’s ethnic identity. The martyrdoms suffered by these individuals served as an indirect form of resistance to the Turkification of the Greeks and their extinction as a race.   
Apart from the works displayed in the exhibition, the catalogue includes the synaxaria (brief biographies) of the neomartyrs, a text by Archimandrite Basil Iveritis, prohegumen of Iveron Monastery, and short biographical sketches of the artists.   




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