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January 27 – May 15, 2010

The exceptional work of the photographer from Thessaloniki, Giorgos Mousikidis, a scientific contributor to the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Archaeological Service of Mount Athos for decades, is presented in an exhibit in cooperation with the Kalamaria Photography Museum “Christos Kalemkeris” in the exhibition hall of the Mount Athos Center.

The exhibit is accompanied by a one of a kind commemorative album, which was published both by the Mount Athos Center and the Photography Museum of Kalamaria, where the collection of photographs is located.

Texts concerning the person and work of Giorgos Mousikidis in the album have been written by Nikos Moutsopoulos, Professor Emeritus of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Miltos Poliviou, Architect of the Tenth Committee of Byzantine Antiquities.


I was born in Kalamaria in 1933 to refugee parents who came to Thessaloniki in 1922 from Trabzon in Pontus.

My interest in photography began during my school years.  My first substantial contact with the art of photography, however, occurred in 1948 when I began my studies beside the distinguished photographer of Thessaloniki, Giorgos Likidis, by whom I was taught photography and subsequently worked with for twelve years.

In 1963 I opened my own photography workshop, starting a new, for the era, branch of photography: university research.  At the same time, I taught photography in the department of interior decoration of the Technical School “Efklidis” for two years.








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