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From 18 January until 2 February 2020 the art display windows of the OTE building in Karolou Dil St. will house some of the photographs from Nikos Koukis’ exhibition entitled “Mount Athos – Life in the Desert”, which from 13 February 2020 will be on display in its entirety in the exhibition space of the Mount Athos Centre.

Apart from his passion for music, which he serves with great energy as a musician with the Thessaloniki State Orchestra, Nikos Koukis also has a passion for art photography, which he has been involved in since 1978.

The exhibition will present snapshots from Little St. Anne’s Skete, a place of ascetic practice for some of the great Athonite hermits. In his travelogue of the place, Koukis’ lens has captured scenes from the daily life and worship of the monks.   






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