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George Kordis
‘Colour as Light’

An exhibition of contemporary Byzantine paintings by George Kordis entitled ‘Colour as Light’ will open on Thursday 14 March 2024 at the Museum of the Serbian Republic in Banja Luka.
  The exhibition has been organised by the Museum of the Serbian Republic in collaboration with the Mount Athos Center, the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Serbia and the Delegation of the Serbian Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Greece. 

The exhibition presents 38 works by George Kordis, selected from different groups created at different times by the artist, as well as a number of works depicting Athonite saints that were first presented at the Mount Athos Center in 2017. The remaining works come from both older and more recent projects, showing the wide variety of subjects and materials that have been used by Kordis, while the artist’s modern digital works impress both by their choice of subject and their authentic style of composition.       

Exhibition curators: Ivana Pandzic, archaeologist / Zana Vukicevic, art historian / Dijana Pesikan Egic, conservator.
Duration of exhibition: 14 March – 15 May 2024






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