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(Printed Pilgrim’s Guides to Mount Athos)

18th century


2014 reprint; 350 pages; hardback; dimensions: 24.5 Χ 17.5 cm.; ISBN: 978-618-80861-5-9; price: 15.00 euros 


A phototype edition which, for the first time, includes the following four important and rare pilgrim’s guides (proskynetaria) all in the same volume: Ioannis Komninos, Proskynetarion tou Hagiou Orous tou Athonos, Venice 1745; Makarios Trigonis Lavriotis, Proskynetarion tes Hieras Mones Megistes Lauras, Venice 1772; Prohegumen Savvas Lavriotis, Proskynetarion tes Hieras Mones Megistes Lauras, Venice 1780; Perigrafe tes Mones Gregoriou, published by Athanasios Psalidas.

This book was published as part of the parallel events held during the 9th International Conference of the Mount Athos Center on the theme ‘Mount Athos: Spreading the Light on the Orthodox World: the Metochia’, which formed part of the project entitled ”The Great Intellectual and Cultural Legacy of Mount Athos”, under the Operational Programme ‘Macedonia–Thrace 2007-2013’ of the Intermediate Managing Authority of Central Macedonia. This project was co-funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund). 





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