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The Mount Athos Center travels to Hamburg in Germany to present
the photography exhibition entitled:
‘A Photographic Tour of Mount Athos through the Lens of Tomasz Mosciski’
Following an invitation by the Greek community in Hamburg and its president, Mr. Panagiotis Drosinakis, the photography exhibition entitled A Photographic Tour of Mount Athos through the Lens of Tomasz Mosciski will be officially opened in Hamburg on Saturday 3 June.

The Polish photographer Tomasz Mosciski first visited Mount Athos in 2001 and since then has returned almost every year, while in 2018 an exhibition was organised by the Mount Athos Center at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg which presented some photographs from Tomasz’s first few visits to the Athonite Republic. A major feature of this initial work was the photographer’s use of the gum bichromate technique, a special technique in which he had come to specialise.
This exhibition in Hamburg will present colour photographs from his latest work on Mount Athos. Tomasz’s frequent visits to Athos and the personal relationships he has formed with monks in some of the monasteries have enabled him to photograph scenes that focus more on the individual features of the monks and their devotional practices, while his photographs of the monasteries themselves are also impressive.

Speaking of his work, Tomasz Mosciski says:
For me, Mount Athos is unique, it draws me like a magnet… It does not fail to move me and constantly fills my thoughts. Within the space of a few years I have managed to visit all the monasteries on Mount Athos. Every encounter with this place was for me both a unique experience and a challenge. It was a journey in space and time – magical, full of surprises and adventures, yet also often exhausting.
Travelling around Mount Athos teaches modern man just how little he needs in order to survive. Here, toil and hardships are easily forgotten and what remains is a feeling of absolute freedom, a freedom that can be experienced when man has battled with himself and overcome his weaknesses with the help of the Almighty.
I am not an Orthodox Christian and so my mission has not been an easy one. I used to observe this treasure from just outside, as if I were looking through the chink of a half-opened door, behind which lay a great Mystery, an Enigma.
I would lap up the scenery and the architecture, trying, even in this way, to enter the spirit of Mount Athos and understand its true character, without touching on its sacredness. Mount Athos poses a great challenge to any artist. In my photographs I have endeavoured to show the great gap that separates life on Athos – a timeless world – from the flow of events in the rest of the world. I have used my own photographic techniques, ranging from old and rare methods such as bichromate gum and the individually treated silver gelatin technique to electronic colour photography processes.  

Duration of exhibition: 3 June – 30 September 2023
Venue: Christus Kirche Wandsbek, Robert Schuman Brϋcke 1, 22041 Hamburg
             (U1 Wandsbek-Markt)
Opening times: Monday and Wednesday 17.00-19.00 / Saturday 12.00-14.00 / and in accordance with the programme of church services.
Mount Athos Center
109 Egnatia St., Thessaloniki 546 35
Τel.: +302310263308
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