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This conference, which focused on the area of research, was on the theme ‘The Architecture of Mount Athos: History and Research (A Tribute to the Memory of Pavlos Mylonas’. Held in October 2010, it was the first scientific attempt to draw together research on Athonite architecture as a whole. The participants’ contributions followed a diachronic approach to the architecture of Mount Athos, from Byzantine times to the interventions of the 20th century. More specifically, the conference papers dealt with the construction programmes of the building complexes, church buildings (monastic katholika and chapels, the kyriaka [main churches] of sketes, and the churches of kellia), secular buildings and fortifications, as well as the buildings of metochia.

The conference was jointly organised by the Mount Athos Center and the 10th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities, which, at the opening ceremony, expressed their thanks to the distinguished scholars who had accepted the invitation to participate, together with their conviction that the presence and contributions of the latter promised to make the first conference on the architecture of Mount Athos a great success. 
The Scientific Committee had specified the terms of reference for the conference papers as follows: ‘The subject-matter of the conference consists in research on the history of architecture on the Mount Athos peninsula from antiquity until the mid-20th century. It also includes, to a certain extent, the architecture of the Athonite metochia. It should be noted that this conference is the first to be organised specifically on the architecture of Mount Athos as a whole, an architecture that developed under a variety of different influences and had a great impact throughout the Orthodox East. It should, nevertheless, be recalled that the monuments of Mount Athos have so far been investigated in an unequal and fragmentary manner, while in our own day they are undergoing extensive interventions that may make it possible to reveal important data about their identity for the benefit of scientific research.’    

Date: 22-24 October 2010
Venue: Amphitheatre of the Technical Chamber of Greece/Central Macedonia Section (opening ceremony) / Conference Hall of the Thessaloniki Central Municipal Library (conference proceedings)
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Summaries of conference papers: click here


Conference Scientific Committee
Charalambos Bouras, Emeritus Professor of History of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens
Ploutarchos Theocharidis, Architect-Engineer, 10th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities
Petros Koufopoulos, Associate Professor of Architecture and Restoration, University of Patras
Stavros Mamaloukos, Assistant Professor of Medieval and Traditional Architecture, University of Patras
Miltos Polyviou, Architect-Engineer, 10th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities
Phaidon Chatziantoniou, Architect-Engineer, Centre for the Preservation of Athonite Heritage
Conference Organising Committee 
Ioannis Tavlakis, Doctor of Archaeology, Director of the 10th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities
Demetrios Salpistis, Special Advisor to the Mount Athos Center
Anastasios Douros, Director of the Mount Athos Center
Pericles Fotiadis, Archaeologist, 10th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities
Secretarial support: Maria Giannelou, Anastasia Gkiogki, Vangelis Tsikouras 
Technical support: Costas Tachtsidis
Parallel events
The Architecture of Mount Athos through the Archive of Pavlos Mylonas
(22 October 2010 – 15 February 2011)
Vasilij Grigorovic Barskij, Ta taxidia sto Hagion Oros 1725-1726 / 1744-1745
(Vasilij Grigorovic Barskij, The Journeys to Mount Athos, 1725-1726 / 1744-1745)
Vasilij Grigorovic Barskij, Ta schedia apo ta taxidia tou sto Hagion Oros 1725-1726 / 1744-1745
(Vasilij Grigorovic Barskij, The Drawings from his Journeys to Mount Athos 1725-1726 / 1744-1745)




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